High Speed and Mediam Duty

Thermal Transfer Printers – High Performance Solutions

Thermal Transfer Printers for High Performance and Labeling on Flexible Packaging
High performance thermal transfer printing systems offer higher throughput to provide more capability for faster marking applications, along with advanced data handling to print information such as variable bar codes. Offered in three print width formats, the Videojet high performance TTO product range spans ultrafast horizontal form, fill, seal and wide format coding applications requiring a significant amount of content.

  • Videojet DataFlex® 6530 Thermal Transfer Printer

    • Videojet iAssure™ technology, a built-in code quality checker on the DataFlex 6530 53mm TTO, helps to reduce waste and rework
    • Airless Videojet Intelligent Motion™ technology helps to reduce costs and downtime, maximize printhead life and gain consistent print quality
    • The Dataflex 6530 107mm is the first airless 107mm TTO printhead in the market
    • Minimal wear parts are easy to change out, improving production line uptime
    • Modular design that easily integrates into your production line
    • Print speeds of up to 1000mm/s and throughputs up to 700 ppm.*

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