Tracking and Traceability Solutions for the Food Industry

InkJet, Inc. is your source for coding and marking solutions to the changing demands and requirements in food product tracking and traceability. Able to mark a variety of packaging material from flexible bags to rigid cases, our industrial printers and inks will help safeguard your product integrity and ensure freshness programs get the codes they require.

Our team of experts has developed effective solutions for the unique challenges related to marking and coding food packaging, all optimized to increase productivity, improve presentation, and reduce downtime. InkJet, Inc’s industrial equipment and ink enables you to print on a vast variety of porous and non-porous packaging materials, including:

Other food packaging materials

In need of a custom solution for your unique food packaging? InkJet, Inc. has over 25 years of experience in developing ink technologies. Get in touch and we’ll work with you to create custom ink designed for compatibility with your product. If you are currently using a printer from VideoJet®, Domino®, Linx® or any other OEM, we either have fluids for that machine or can create a compatible, and often better quality, ink.

Beverage Industry Marking & Coding Solutions

From soda factories to breweries, producers across the beverage industry require efficient marking and coding of their products. Machinery able to print a large quantity of data at high speeds while ensuring 100% accuracy is essential. For a dependable solution to successfully meet these critical demands, rely on InkJet, Inc.

Whether printing on glass beer bottles, aluminum soft drinks cans or plastic water bottles, InkJet, Inc.’s products increase productivity, improve presentation and reduce downtime. Our coders and ink accurately and clearly mark codes on a variety of materials, both porous and non-porous:

Flexible Materials
Rigid Materials

Personal Care & Cosmetic Package Product Coding

A wide range of products requires specialized cosmetic coding printers and inks. Each packaging line may require different solutions to apply the labeling successfully at production speeds (such as printing onto cosmetic bottles). Understanding these characteristics will reduce costs and help protect the brand image.


Toiletries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and internal medical tubing (used in catheters and vascular tubing, for example) can be considered examples of personal care or cosmetic applications. Other common products include: shampoos, specialty diapers, feminine hygiene products, and medical products.


Personal care and cosmetic product packaging comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. Common packaging types include: glass bottles and jars, flexible plastic and paper, specialty containers, metal aerosol cans, and folding cartons. The type of packaging used helps determine which printer/ink combination is best for your print job.

How do I Decide What Ink and Printer to Use?

Many variables are involved when choosing the proper batch printing solutions for cosmetics and personal care products. It is important to select not only the right ink, but the best printer for your personal care packaging needs.
Some of the main challenges for the industry are the varying product and bottle sizes, shapes, and the ability to have flexible production environments. Reducing set-up, change-over, and maintenance times are important to minimize the cost of cosmetic printing. Changeable ink cartridges, print heads, rollers, and modular equipment can all help improve efficiency and reduce cost. Other common variables to optimize for personal care product coding and cosmetic batch code printing include:

  • Product or surface to be labeled
  • Speed of the labeling process
  • Quality of the marking or coding required
  • Process or printing conditions

It is best to note all the variables you can think of and contact an experienced product engineer to get recommendations. The experts at InkJet, Inc. can help you identify the perfect printer and ink for even the most demanding of jobs. Contact us today for more information!

Wire and Cable Marking Printers

Wire and cable production lines present unique obstacles. These lines often move at hundreds of feet per minute, requiring continuous printing. A reliable marking system that can keep up with the demand is required. Any downtime caused by a printer malfunction can be expensive if the quality of your product has been downgraded to the point it needs to be reworked or even scraped.


Downtime undoubtedly affects productivity and profitability, which is why manufacturers need marking solutions that promote high uptime and production line efficiency. These machines must integrate seamlessly with the existing production line and mark extrusions without compromising the properties of the wire and cable.
InkJet, Inc. provides printer and ink solutions that successfully fulfill these requirements while maximizing uptime and efficiency in a tough production environment. Even when performing in environments with high-temperatures, our systems make clearly, cleanly, and consistently marking wire and cable extrusions simple and easy. Mark the right code in the right place every time.

Which can print information Can be applied on a variety of packaging surfaces Various shapes such as

Coding Plastic and Metal Extrusions

As a manufacturer of plastic or metal extrusions, you need a coding and marking system that handles in stride the adversity of a continuous production line. You need a system that reliably prints crisp, clean codes no matter the harshness of the industrial environment. And you need your products to follow government regulations with high-contrast, fade-resistant marks.


Printing must be accurate, and codes must be clearly legible as well as permanent to meet regulation requirements. InkJet, Inc’s marking and coding systems will enable you to mark the right code on the right product the first time around.


Extrusion production lines often run non-stop, 24/7. You need a reliable system that can successfully keep up with this demand and clearly mark the products while they’re in motion. Any downtime as a result of malfunctions can compromise the product and result in re-work or scrap. Our printers require minimal maintenance, maximizing up-time.


Your system should be able to print a wide variety of codes to assist with product identification, satisfying traceability requirements and government regulations. Our marking and coding systems are able to print a wide variety of information on plastic and metal extrusions