Glass Bottle

Glass Bottle Industry

Glass bottles and boxes are popular materials for a number of reasons. The main reason is that bottles are easy to product differentiation and the product can be upgraded to a premium product. The bottle is also a reusable material. and can be reused help save the environment Glass bottles are also popular for packing food and beverages. And those goods need to be well protected from contamination.

We offer a wide range of continuous inkjet (CIJ) date printers and laser printers for glass bottle printing. We have dye ink for printing various colors. onto a dark glass bottle or a clear glass bottle containing the dark liquid. With specially formulated ink, it helps to produce quality prints. can be easily removed to facilitate the return of the bottle laser date printer It also comes with high resolution features. Permanent printing on all types of glass materials.

Laser Marking

Packing Machine

  • Videojet DataFlex® 6330 Thermal Transfer Printer

    • Both 6330 models feature Videojet iAssure™ technology, a built-in code quality checker that helps to reduce waste and rework
    • Airless Videojet Intelligent Motion™ technology helps to reduce costs and downtime, maximize printhead life and gain consistent print quality
    • Minimal wear parts are easy to change out, improving production line uptime
    • Modular design that easily integrates into your production line
    • Print speeds of up to 750mm/s and throughputs up to 250 ppm.*

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