Candy Sachets

Candy Sachets

Catching shelf sales means getting the most out of your brand. The brand management team is obsessed with packaging art. The last thing they need is a low-quality batch code or other product tracking information. that distracts from the packaging

A true printing partner understands the importance of excellent print quality and achieving your operational goals. We have more than four decades of experience in your industry. There is a perfect blend of technology. expertise and service options to become your chosen encoding partner for printing on salted paper. candy and printing on bags

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ)

Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)

  • Videojet® 6230 Thermal Transfer Printer

    • Intuitive tablet-like 5” touchscreen controller with CLARiTY™ interface used in other Videojet technologies
    • Simple cassette design holds 700m maximum of ribbon to allow for longer runs, and offers a safer and easier way to replenish ribbon, with minimal impact to production
    • Code assurance comes as standard when using templates created by CLARiSOFT™ or VideojetConnect Design software
    • Available with Bluetooth®* capability, allowing printer control via the Videojet 6230 App on an Android device**, rather than a HMI.

  • Videojet IP DataFlex Plus Thermal Transfer Overprinter

    • 53 mm max print width
    • Top speed 400 packs/min
    • IP 65 rated for simplified cleaning in washdown environments

  • Videojet DataFlex® 6530 Thermal Transfer Printer

    • Videojet iAssure™ technology, a built-in code quality checker on the DataFlex 6530 53mm TTO, helps to reduce waste and rework
    • Airless Videojet Intelligent Motion™ technology helps to reduce costs and downtime, maximize printhead life and gain consistent print quality
    • The Dataflex 6530 107mm is the first airless 107mm TTO printhead in the market
    • Minimal wear parts are easy to change out, improving production line uptime
    • Modular design that easily integrates into your production line
    • Print speeds of up to 1000mm/s and throughputs up to 700 ppm.*

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